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POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: US 3¢ rose tied target and matching POINT LOOKOUT / MD // MAR  cds on cover to “Miss Annie M. Thomas, Dixie P.O., Fluvanna Co, Virginia” with routing “Flag of Truce” and Confederate postage paid by DUE 10, RICHMOND / VA. // MAR / 1 [1864] cds also tied 3¢ rose;large fancy Patterson Point Lookout examined oval at left; endorsement of W. P. C. Thomas Co B 18th Va (a Pickett’s Charge regiment) at upper right. 1991 CSA certificate #02287, Ex Agre. A spectacular use from a Gettysburg soldier. $1,350.


William P.C. Thomas was in Co. C, 14th VA Infantry. He died of disease while a prisoner at Point Lookout. Much more information on linked page.



POINT LOOKOUT, MD: US 3¢ rose pink (upper left corner repaired or replaced) tied WASHINGTON / D.C. // SEP / 5 / 1863 CDS and RICHMOND / Va. // [SEP] 14 / 1863 cds with matching straightline DUE 10 on cover to “Alexander McMillian, Esq., Dundarrah P.O., Robeson County, No. Ca.” with endorsement “Prisoners letter from D. McMillian, Co. B, 2nd Division, Point Lookout, Maryland” and manuscript examined marking in black and red of “J[oab] N P[atterson] Capt & P. Marshal, Point Lookout, Md.” Although Point Lookout had a post office at the beginning of the war, mail was not processed at the prison until January 1864. From August through December 1863, prisoners’ mail was forwarded to Washington to be posted after it was examined at Point Lookout.  $750.



ROCK ISLAND, ILL: US 3¢ rose (couple pre-use sealed tears) tied ROCK ISLAND / ILL // MAY / 10 / ’64 on cover to Miss Sarah E Sharpe, Jacksonville, Randolph County, Missouri; oval examined marking of R.I. Barracks. $240.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O // JUL / 14 / / 64 double circle and RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 30 [1864] cds with matching straightline DUE 10 to pay the Confederate rate; on cover to Mrs. M. E. Mitchell, Glennville Barbour Co, ala.  with endorsement of J.B. Mitchell Co B 34th Ala Inft.; routing “For flag of truce via Ft. Monroe, Va” and manuscript Ex CSA examined marking; Nice use of both sides. Military records show Mitchell as a 1st Lieut. $600.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O // FEB / 8 / 65 double circle with matching target,  RICHMOND / Va. // FEB / 17 [1865] cds with matching straightline DUE 10 to pay the Confederate rate; on cover to “Mrs. A. E. Vickers, Newsite, Tallapoosa County, Alabama” with routing “for Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe Va” and endorsed “from A. Y. Vickers Lieut 46th Reg Ala Vols” (military records included). A nice use of both sides. $650


Albert Young Vickers was in Co. D, 1st Ala Battn Cavalry. Much more information on linked page.



CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA #12a, 10¢ milky blue (some students call this shade on type II “opaline”) tied light strike of RICHMOND / VA. cds on small narrow cover to “Mrs. A. E. Holcombe, Jetersville, Amelia County, Virginia” with strong  period docketing across the top “Hattie’s letter from Brooklyn written on the 6th of March 1865”; note on back from Jack Molesworth that this is positively identified as civilian Flag of Truce use by the companion cover, which regrettably is no longer with it. $250.



CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 tied “prison bar grid” with matching COLUMBUS / O // AUG / 16 double circle with manuscript examined marking “Exmd CWB Allison Col” to Mrs. Dr. Alfred Hughes, Wheeling [West] Va. Handstamped censor makings were not used from Camp Chase until 1863. A very lengthy detailed bio accompanies, only a small part of which shown here. $230.


Homœopathy was introduced in 1848 in Wheeling by Dr. Alfred Hughes and his sister, Eliza Hughes, one of the first female physicians. Much more information on linked page.



POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: US #65, 3¢ rose used on money letter (thus not canceled); to Private Wm. D. Crosland, Prisoner of War, Co. E, 5th Division, Prisoners Camp, Point Lookout, Md. with docketing “Per flag of Truce” and “$5.00 U.S. T[reasury] note”; also very small light manuscript “ex” (examined) at right. $300.


William D. Crosland was in Co. E, SC 15th Infantry and Co. A, SC Holcome Legion Cavalry, and Co. C., SC Manigault's Battalion.  Much more information on linked page.



CAMP SORGHUM, COLUMBIA S.C.: 10¢ Milky Blue #12a, gum stains, uncanceled but tied by manuscript docketing, bold OLD POINT COMFORT / VA / DEC / 16 [1864] double-circle cancel and DUE 6 in circle for U.S. unpaid rate on cover endorsed from "From Lieut. Wm. Henry Raymond, Co. H., N.Y. Vol. Arty. Prisoner of War, C.S. Military Prison, Columbia S.C. Per Flag of Truce Boat", manuscript examiner's mark "Exd. By T.G. Holland Lt. 1st Ga R" (guard at Camp Sorghum), Very Fine. There were three prisons in Columbia. The attribution to Camp Sorghum is based on military records researched by Brian Green (signed on back). Military records for Raymond accompany – captured at Cold Harbor. Ex-Murphy and Walske. A scarce Camp Sorghum prisoner-of-war cover via Richmond and Fortress Monroe. $2,000.



CAMP CHASE, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose (small faults) used with grid and matching Harrodsburg, Ky June 30 [1862] cds on incoming prisoner cover to M. N. Harris, Camp Chase, Ohio, No 3; penciled censor’s “Ex Gray” and blue crayon “Paroled”; original loving letter from very friendly female cousin headed Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, June 19th, 1862. From the contents of the letter, it appears that Harris was likely a political prisoner. She says “if you only knew how bad I want to see you, you would take the oath & come come home”. Political prisoners from Kentucky and other states were kept at Camp Chase early in the war. $220.



ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILL: US #65, 3¢ rose used with target and matching ROCK ISLAND / ILL double circle postmark with blue R.I. BARRACKS / PRISONERS LETTER / EXAMINED oval (Harrison type II) which was used in blue only from August 11, 1864 – February 21, 1865. Addressed to Mrs. Emma L. Newman, Point Pleasant, [West] Va. which was then in the Union.  (Mason County); top back flap missing, Ex Hedin $300.



CAMP DOUGLAS, CHICAGO, ILL: US #65, 3¢ rose used with blue cork and matching CHICAGO / ILL // APR / 24 / ’64 double circle pmk on cover with black CAMP DOUGLAS / PRISONERS LETTER / EXAMINED oval (Harrison type I) used from Jan. 13-Apr. 24, 1864 in black, on cover to Mrs. M. Johnson, New Haven, Ky. Very Fine, Ex Hedin  $350.



CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by target with matching COLUMBUS / O // OCT / 20 double circle cancel on cover to Mrs. C. E. Evans, Upper Falls PO, Balls Co, Md. with manuscript “Exmd / E. L. Webber, Lt. Col.”  According to Galen Harrison in his POW opus, Edwin L. Webber examined prisoner mail from January 30 - October 20, 1863 thus making this the latest use of his examined marking. Ex Milgram and Hedin.  $450.



CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by prison bar grid with matching COLUMBUS / O // OCT / 22 double circle cancel on cover to Mrs. Alfred Hughes, Wheeling [West] Virginia with manuscript “Exd Peter Zinn Major”, from political prisoner Dr. Alfred Hughes, who was considered a traitor to the Union for refusing to recognize West Virginia as a state and remained at Camp Chase for 8 months. After his release in December 1862, he was elected a member of the Virginia legislature and so remained until the fall of Richmond. He was a pioneer in homeopathy. Slightly reduced at left. Ex Hedin. $250.


P. Lynch Lee

JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by blue target and matching BALTIMORE / MD // FEB / 8 / 1865 double circle cancel on incoming cover to Col. P. Lynch Lee, 15th Reg Arkansas Infantry, Johnson’s Island, Ohio, top back flap missing otherwise Very Fine. Manuscript “Ex J.C.B.” (Private Joseph C. Berry, 128th Ohio Volunteers, examined mail February-May 1865). Military records and other information included. Ex Hedin. $450.


Lt. Col. P. Lynch Lee (1838-1911) enlisted at Camden, Arkansas as a captain in Co. C. 15th Arkansas Infantry. He was taken prisoner at Fort Henry, Tenn, exchanged, and then captured again along with approximately 6,500 Confederate soldiers at Port Hudson where he was wounded.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O double circle cancel on cover to J.D. Hamilton, Care. D. Browder & Co, Montgomery, Ala. with straightline DUE  10 from Richmond, although no Richmond cancel showing. Endorsed “T. H. Hamilton, Lt 18th Tenn. Regt., Prisoner of War, Johnson’s Island, Ohio” and routed “For Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe & City Point”.  Nice postal use of both sides. Ex Hedin. Military and regimental records included. $750.


Thomas H. Hamilton enlisted as a 2nd Lieut in Co. K., 18th Tenn. Infantry. He was detailed asDrill Master and Conscript Officer. He was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn. January 3, 1863 and left on the battlefield. He recovered, but was captured at Nashville on January 30, 1864.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O double circle cancel on cover to W. T. Sutherlin, Danville, Va. with prisoner endorsement “W. E. Williamson Jr., Pris of War” with RICHMOND / VA. // JAN / 21 and matching DUE 10 routed “Per Flag of Truce” and neat oval PRISONER’S LETTER / JOHNSONS ISLAND // EXAMINED / G A R (Pvt Gerald A. Ressap of the 128th Ohio Volunteers who was a mail examiner from September 6 to 15, 1864). Military records and other information included. President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet went to Danville early in April 1865 and made their headquarters at the residence of Major William T. Sutherlin, which is thus referred to as “the last Confederate Capitol.” It was in the Sutherlin home that Davis' issued his final Presidential Proclamation.  Cover with couple small edge faults and open 3 sides; inside is addressed and likely handcarried and pencil post-war notations inside. Ex Hedin.  $800.






CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by target with matching bold neat COLUMBUS / O // MAR / 25 double circle cancel on cover to “Mr. S[evern]. T[eackel] Wallis, Baltimore, Maryland / No. 37 St. Paul St[reet] with Harrison type Ib censor marking EXAMINED / CAMP CHASE // LIEUT COL (with POTEN removed – used March 25-July 29, 1864). Ex Hedin.  $500.


Severn Teackle Wallis was a lawyer and author who cherished the hope that the Union would be preserved, and was one of the committee who visited President Lincoln in April 1861 in hope of stopping the passing of troops. Mr. Wallis was a delegate to the legislature which met in Frederick, Md in 1861 and was made chairman of the committee on Federal relations which reported that “the house of delegates had no power to pass an ordinance of secession.” He further reported it “inexpedient to call a convention to consider secession” and that order was adopted.  On the night of September 12, 1861, Mr. Wallis was arrested at his dwelling as well as other members of the legislature and mayor of Baltimore. They were imprisoned until 1862 when all were unconditionally released, but were not informed of the cause of their arrest.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: CSA #11, 10¢ blue tied RICHMOND / VA  on cover to Joseph Daviers Hamilton, Montgomery, Alabama routed “By flag of truce”. This was an unsealed inner envelope originally enclosed inside another envelope per regulations. The outer envelope with US postage would have been discarded at the exchange point and then this one transmitted to enter the mails in Richmond for forwarding to Alabama. Military and regimental records included. This is a known correspondence which corresponds to other handwriting / covers of origin from Johnson’s Island. Ex Hedin. $550.


Thomas H. Hamilton enlisted as a 2nd Lieut in Co. K., 18th Tenn. Infantry. He was detailed as Drill Master and Conscript Officer. He was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn. January 3, 1863 and left on the battlefield. He recovered, but was captured at Nashville on January 30, 1864.



CAMP CHASE; COLUMBUS, OHIO: US #65,  3¢ rose (slight stains and tiny tear at left) tied by target cancel with Columbus / O. // Jul / 16 [1863] double circle postmark on cover to Mrs. Catherine B. Hannah, Lorrentz (sic) Store, Upshur Co., West Virginia (West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863), manuscript censor's "Examd E.L. Webber Maj Comdg Post" endorsement; although there was some support for the Confederate cause within the county, including the formation of the Upshur Grays, most of the county's residents sided with the Union during the Civil War.  $250.



CAMP CHASE; COLUMBUS, OHIO:US #65,  3¢ rose, tied by target cancel and Columbus / O. // MAR / 14 [1865] double circle postmark on cover to Mrs. C. Lenoir, Loudon, Tenn.; Examined/Camp Chase, O. circular censor's marking (Harrison Type Ic), Very Fine $250.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND: Sandusky, Ohio: US #65,  3¢ rose, tied by target cancel with matching Nashville / Tenn // Feb / 23 / '64 double circle postmark on incoming cover to "Lieut. Col. J[ohn].W. Inzer, Prisoner of War, Johnsons Island, Ohio”, manuscript "Ex. D.S.A." (De Alva S. Alexander, 128th O.V.I.) censor's marking, top back flap missing  $200.


John Washington Inzer served in Company I, Alabama 58th Infantry, was captured at Missionary Ridge, Tenn., and confined to Johnson’s Island. Much more information on linked page.



CAMP CHASE, OHIO: addressed inner envelope (no postal markings) to Mr. John Baldwin, Spring Dale, Lafayette, Miss “From Wm Baldin, prisoner of war, Camp Chase, Ohio”  with original prisoner’s letter headed “Aprile (sic) 20 1862 Camp Chase Ohio” to family reporting that health is improving and reporting on other family members and friends by name in various prisons. Baldwin was in Co. G., Mississippi 1st Infantry. Captured at Ft. Donelson where the greater part of the regiment was captured.  $350.




FLAG OF TRUCE: US #65, 3¢ rose tied cork with OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // AUG / 25 [186?] double circle on cover to Mrs. Samuel R. Rucker, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Care of Mrs. D. D. Wendell. Uncertain of year of use as Murfreesboro fell early in the war and thus Rucker, who was fighting in the South, had to send mail home via Flag of Truce. $160.


Private Robert M. Rucker was in Co. A 2nd Tennessee Infantry Much more information on linked page.



FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE CITY, DEL: US 3¢ rose #65 tied neat grid and clear matching Delaware City, Del Jul 13 cds on cover to Frank Cunningham, Springfield, Kentucky with beautifully struck FORT DELAWARE examined oval at left. Ex John Hill.   $250.



JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose #65 cancelled by target with  matching SANDUSKY / O. // SEP / 16 / '64" double circle alongside in combination with RICHMOND / Va // SEP / 28 cds and matching "10" rate handstamp, addressed to Jno W. Stovall Esq., Sassafras Fork, No. Carolina with manuscript Censor's initials "Ex FWR" (Pvt. Frank W. Rittman) and routing endorsement, "For flag of truce boat / Via Old Pt. Comfort / Care of Genl. Comdg Dept. of Va. & N.C.", endorsed at top, "From W. Stovall, Prisoner of War." Wonderful postal use of both sides.  $950.


Wilkins (or Wilkens) Stovall was in Co D 12th NC Infantry. Much more information on linked page.



POINT LOOKOUT, MD: 3¢ rose #65 tied by bold POINT LOOKOUT / MD // JAN  / 12 / ‘65 cds target duplex on cover to Mrs. Susan A. Guild, 16 Chatworth St, Baltimore with lovely clear strike of Prisoner's Letter, Examined octagon handstamp below, couple small flap tears otherwise Very Fine. $325.



LIGON'S TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, RICHMOND VA: blue [Norfolk / Va.] PAID 5C. in circle on inner POW cover addressed to “Lieut. Geo. W. Kenney, Prisoner of War at Richmond, Va., Care of Genl. Winder”  with light “Ex” examined marking at upper left. Southbound mail was directed to Fortress Monroe, from which it was transmitted to Norfolk where it would enter the Confederate postal system. A flag of truce letter was placed in an unsealed inner envelope (as offered here), then into an outer envelope with postage prepaid to the exchange point. There, the outer envelope was discarded, and the contents of the letter examined by military authorities. Confederate postage was then paid on the inner envelope, for delivery from the exchange point to destination. Because such mail was handled only by the postal system of the receiving side, inner envelopes show only Confederate markings. This is the scarce early Norfolk route. Mainly because of the relatively smaller prison populations, early mail from the September 1861 to May 1862 routed via Norfolk is much rarer than POW mail after 1862. Only 34 covers recorded in Harrison from Ligon's. $1,400. 


Lieut. George W. Kenney of the California Regiment AKA 71st Penn. Infantry. Lt. Kenney was captured at Leesburg, Va. (Ball’s Bluff) Much more information on linked page.



CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA #7-R pair 5¢ blue tied RICHMOND / Va. // SEP 1 / 186 from engineer of the Confederate gunboat Merrimack to his wife Mrs. Julia W. Ramsay, Charlotte, North Carolina with endorsement “Via Flag of Truce from Norfolk”. This was an inner envelope (outer envelope discarded at exchange point per mandate), not all of which bear censor markings. $800.


H. Ashton Ramsay, C.S.N., Chief Engineer of the C.S.S. Viriginia (formerly and popularly known as the U.S.S. Merrimack) Much more information on linked page.



JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY OHIO: POW cover bearing 3¢ rose #65 tied by "Sandusky O. Apr 8 '64" duplex to Mr. A. C. Mitchell at Glennville Ala., endorsed "For flag of truce boat via Old Point Comfort" and at left "J. B. Mitchell Lieut Co B 34th Ala Regt.", manuscript "Ex BAN" examiner's marking, entered Confederate mails with RICHMOND / VA. // MAY / 7 cds with "Due 10" rating handstamp, flap opening tears. Information is sketchy on Alabama soldiers in the Army of Tennessee. Could not find out where or when Lt. Mitchell was captured but most likely during the Atlanta Campaign earlier in 1864. Nice use of both sides postage. [OH] [AL] $750.




JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY OHIO: prisoners cover bearing  US 3¢ rose #65, small fault, tied by "Sandusky O. Apr 12 '64" duplex to Box Spring Ga., endorsed "Lt. E. H. Smith, Co. 'K' 3rd Ga. Cav." and "For Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe", manuscript "Ex R P H", entered Confederate mails with "Richmond Va May 7" cds and "Due 10" straightline handstamp, Very Fine. Nice use of both sides postage.  $850.


Eugene Hamilton Smith (1843-1880) - 2nd Lieut in Co. C 3rd Georgia Cavalry. Much more information on linked page.




OHIO PENITENTIARY, COLUMBUS, OHIO: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 tied by target cancel with matching COLUMBUS / O // AUG / 15 CDS on cover to “Mrs. Charles Ready, Murfreesboro, Tenn” with large flourished censor marking “Examined Wm A Judkins ADC”. Mrs. Ready was John Hunt Morgan’s mother-in-law and this is ADDRESSED IN GENERAL JOHN HUNT MORGAN’S HAND. Rare thus! Cover with 1” tear at top. Signed on verso by Brian Green attesting to Morgan’s hand. Photocopies of exhibit pages with long write-up accompany. RARE PRISON AND RARE GENERAL. $1,800.


Brig Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his men began raids in Kentucky that lasted three weeks while being chased by Federal troops, but were never captured. In July of 1863, Gen. Morgan and his men took part in their final raid, during a 24 day ride into Southern Indiana and Ohio, which ended when Gen. Morgan was captured. Much more information on linked page.




HART'S ISLAND PRISON CAMP, NEW YORK HARBOR N.Y.:  cover bearing 3¢ rose #65 tied by four-ring cancel, addressed to "James M. Morey, Comp 27, Prison Camp, Harts Island, New York Harbor, N.Y.", matching "Bennington May 31" cds, 1865 docketing at left; small edge tear at bottom, ONLY 22 COVERS ARE REPORTED FROM THIS PRISON; all are from the Morey correspondence. Hart's Island, in Long Island Sound, was the last prison established by the Union to house CSA prisoners and was in operation for only about four months at the end of the war. $600.


James M. Morey (1844-1923) was in Co. D. 32nd Ten Infantry 10-15-62 and attained the rank of Corporal. Much more information on linked page.




ELMIRA, NEW YORK / FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE CITY: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by DELAWARE CITY / DEL // // JAN / 7 double circle cancel on cover to Sergt Elijah Mc Ingles (actually Elijah McClanahan Ingles), Prisoner of War, Barracks 3 Ward 39, Elmira, New York with black with light strike of PRISONERS LETTER / FORT DELAWARE DEL / EXAMINED oval. SCARCE PRISONER TO PRISONER USE. In order to do this, they must have had a mutual relative or friend who knew where each of them were. Top back flap missing, back side of envelope filled with penciled list of items which appear to be an expense record for purchases at the prison. Ex Hedin. $700.


Elijah McClanahan Ingles (1840-1924) was a private into Co. G, 4th VA Infantry and taken prisoner at Spotsylvania Court House Much more information on linked page.




CASTLE MORGAN, CAHABA, ALABAMA: U.S. 3¢ rose #65, heavily cork canceled with Old Point Comfort, Va. CDS, 18 Apr [1864], "By flag of truce" in manuscript across the top; addressed to “Lieut Wilkins 17th Ill. Vol. Inf., Vicksburg, Miss.”; coarse “oatmeal paper” cover, very clean with sealed tear at top center. The original one-page prisoner's letter is datelined "Cahaba Military Prison, Cahaba, Ala. March 12 64" and identifies the prisoner as Lieut E. E. Ryan of the same unit as the addressee. The letter is written on a small piece of lined notebook paper and says, in part, “Lieut Wilkins, I cannot depict to you the horror of being closely confined in prison day after day and week after week. We have one consolation and that is that we are well treated by the officers of the prison.” The cover shows no Confederate postal markings and was either handcarried to the Old Point Comfort, Va transfer point, perhaps by another POW being exchanged or released, or sent inside another envelope franked with Confederate postage, the outer envelope being discarded at the transfer point. There is no way of knowing with certainty which scenario is correct. ONLY 10 COVERS RECORDED from this prison in Harrison's POW book and one of the “UNION 600.” $2,000.


The Confederate Military Prison at Cahaba, Alabama was also known as Castle Morgan. Much more information on linked page.




POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: 3¢ rose #65 tied by grid handstamp with matching HENDERSON / KY //MAR / 19 / 1864 cds; incoming cover addressed to prisoner Lt. F[rank] C. Barnes, Co “G” 56 Va  and endorsed "Ward 11 B.1" and “paid 3 cts” at top, ink stain at top right corner. Captured at Gettysburg at Pickett’s Charge, one of the Immortal Six held under fire of their own guns. See Kaufmann article in ASDA magazine on this website for this story of retaliation and retribution. $500.


Lt. Francis Cargill Barnes (1835-1910) was a Private in Co. G. 56th Virginia Infantry (Charlotte Defenders) and rose to 2nd and then 1st Lieutenant. He was captured during Pickett’s Charge at stonewall at Gettysburg Much more information on linked page.




JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied segmented cork cancel on POW cover to “Lieut Thomas H. B. Randolph, A.D.C.C. Brig. Genl. Pendleton, Prisoner of War, Johnson’s Island” and “Per Flag of Truce”, bold G.F.Y. oval examined marking on back flaps, Old Point Comfort cds, small tear at top not affecting stamp or markings. Military records included. $450.


Thomas Hugh Burwell Randolph (1843-1900) was a corporal in Co. C, 2nd VA Infantry. Much more information on linked page.



More info


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: US #65, 3¢ rose used with pen strokes and matching manuscript cancel of Irish Grove Mo, Aug 30 [1863] on POW cover to John T. McKee, Co. E 4th Division, Point Lookout, Maryland Care of Maj. Brady, Provost Marshall. Original letter headed Rockport Atchison Co, Mo Aug 21st 1863 signed Isaac A. Curry. Curry does not know McKee but writes because he has no other recourse in the possibility of hearing from his wife’s friend in Rockbridge. He explains the various relationships of friends / family which were no doubt familiar to the addressee. Letter which people would be interesting to track. $350.


John Telford McKee (1845-1912) enlisted in Co. I, 4th VA Infantry. He was taken prisoner at Kernstown, Va Much more information on linked page.




JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY OH: bold neat oval censor's marking "Prisoner's Letter Johnson's Island, Examined GSB" handstamp on cover with 3¢ Rose #65  tied by target, SANDUSKY O. Nov. 16 double-circle and partial RICHMOND cds on cover with partial strike of  DUE 10 handstamp at upper left, manuscript "Care of Genl. Comdg Dept Va & N.C., Fortress Monroe, Virginia, For Flag of Truce Boat" at lower left; addressed to Miss Mary. D. McCulloch, Balcony Falls, Virginia. Prisoner endorsement “Robert McCulloch, Capt 18th Va. Inft”. Nice use of both sides. $700.


Capt. Robert McCulloch was a cadet at Virginia Military Institute and participated in Pickett's Charge in 1863. Much more information on linked page.



POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: "Approved, J. N. Patterson, Capt. & Provost Marshal, Point Lookout, Md." scarce Type I large oval examiner's handstamp on cover to Mary J. Tucker, Henderson, Granville County, N.C., ms. "Via Flag of Truce City Point Va.", mixed franking with 3¢ Rose #65 cancelled by light target, used with CSA 12, 10¢ deep blue  tied by faint WASHINGTON D.C. double-circle datestamp and by RICHMOND / VA. // NOV / 27 [1863] cds, part of second strike below, light wrinkles and soiling, Scarce mixed franking. $1,500.


FORT DELAWARE: U.S. 3¢ rose (faulty) tied target with matching Delaware City / Del // Jun / 2 [1864] cds on POW cover to Miss Celinda Turner, Marysville, Ohio with oval prison examined marking. Sent by Lt. A. Toland Turner to his sister; Turner was in the 15th Louisiana Regiment, 2nd Army Corps Army of Northern Virginia (Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell), Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson’s Division, Louisiana Brigade (Consolidated) under Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays. Turner was captured at Spotsylvania on May 12, 1864. At the time, Celinda was courting Union Captain M.C. Lawrence of the 121st Ohio Volunteer Infantry whom she later married. Lawrence rose to the rank of colonel and after the war became an Ohio senator. Slightly reduced at right and cover scuffing. This contained the first letter sent after his capture. $190.



CAMP PAROLE, ANNAPOLIS, MD: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 (small faults due to envelope overhang) tied target cancel; addressed in peacock blue ink to “Robert R. Cook, Camp Parole Annapolis Maryland in care Lieutenant Hathaway Co D, 106 Reig NYSV” with regimental receiving mark “HEU VELTON / JULY 27 1863 / N.V.”, irregular reduction at left. CSA Catalog PAR-01 with CCV of $300. Harrison lists only 25 covers known from Camp Parole. $250.


Robert R. Cook was 23 years old when he enlisted as a private at Lisbon, NY info Co. D NY 106 Infantry. Much more information on linked page.


ELMIRA, NEW YORK: US #65, 3¢ rose used with blue target cancel and matching BALTIMORE / MD. // JUN / 7 cds on cover to Sergt Hider D. Dickens, Prisoner of War, Barracks 3 Ward 30, Elmira, N.Y.; oval Elmira examined marking, bit reduced at right upon opening.$300



FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE CITY, DE: 3¢ rose #65 tied grid with duplex Delaware City / Del May 30 cds on small cover to Miss Emma [L.] Newman, Point Pleasant, West Virginia; POW examined oval at upper left, slightly reduced at left and tiny nick at upper left. Emma had 4 brothers and this is perhaps from her brother Isaac V. Newman who served in Co. A 36th VA Infantry as well as 59th VA Infantry as a Scout. It would take more diligent research to be sure. $200.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OH: 3¢ rose #65 tied neatly struck COLUMBIA / TEN // MAY 30 / 1862 dcds on very fine clean incoming POW cover addressed to “Capt. G. W. Gordon, Sandusky, Ohio – Prisoner of War, Prisoners Depot, Johnsons Island Near Sandusky, Ohio” (Wise’s Brigade, D.H. Hill’s Division, Army of Northern Virginia). With 3-page original enclosure headed Columbia, May 29th, 1862 to Capt. G. W. Gordon (later BRIG-GENL GORDON, ONE OF THE YOUNGEST CONFEDERATE GENERAL OFFICERS) from H. B. Titcomb saying he regrets change of places not favorable and, in part, “…suppose the mails are very irregular as you have not recd our letters. I have not heard from Mrs. Gordon for some time nor has anyone here…most of the servants sick with the mumps but are all able to be at work in the field today…Uncle Tom troubled about soldiers camping about the place keeping the fences down and the perplexities attending stock continually getting out, servants being delayed in their work and similar things…we have Genl. Jas L. Negley as Commander of this post and am happy to say he combines the gentleman with the soldier…crops well…trying to procure an exchange for you but am constantly thwarted.” $400.


George Washington Gordon, CSA Brigadier-General (1836-1911) enlisted as a Captain at age 27 on 5-1-62 into Co. I, TN 11th Infantry, rose through the ranks to Brig-Gen 8-15-64, taken prisoner at Franklin, TN. 


James S. Negley, U.S. Major-General, served through the most important battles of the Mexican war. At the beginning of the Civil war, he raised a brigade for three months' service and participated with it in the battle of Falling Waters on July 2, I86I. After his three months' service had expired, he was re-commissioned brigadier-general of volunteers.


See linked page for much more information on these two generals.



DANVILLE, VIRGINIA: Southern prisoner of war cover from Capt. William F. Tiemann to J. W. Tiemann Esq Care Miss D. F. Tiemann, 128 William Street, New York, N.Y. “Per Flag of Truce” with pencil docketing up left side “Danville Feby 11 / 65” and Capt. Tiemann’s POW endorsement at upper right under encircled DUE 6, Old Point Comfort Feb 18 double cirlce. A number of additional pieces including 2010 letter from POW student Galen Harrison to Jerry Palazolo re this cover. Also a partial transcript of Tiemann’s recount of February 18, 1865 when he was among those transferred from Danville to Libby Prison in Richmond. He arrived Richmond on February 19 and was paroled on February 20 at Annapolis. Cover a bit rumpled with tiny edge tears at top but in generally good shape. A scarce Southern prison. $1,600.


William Francis "Frank" Tiemann (1844-1926) served with the 159th Regiment of the New York State Volunteers.  He was wounded in the Battle of Irish Bend and fought in two other major engagements in Louisiana, at Port Hudson and Mansura. Much more information on linked page.



JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied SANDUSKY / O // JAN / 20 double circle with matching target cancel to Asa White, Lincoln, Mass; bit soiled and opening flap tear. Oval prison examining marking at left. $170.






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