Items for Sale - Postmasters' Provisional Stamps - Section Two


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown on white #62X3, used with town cancel, SCV $200. $150.

$ 150


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1, Type C, ample margins, Oct. 1 [1861] cds, Fine, Very scarce in sound condition, 2014 SCV $ 850. $900.

$ 900


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1, Type P, large margins showing two outer frame lines and traces of a third, neat Oct. 12 [1861] cds, thin spot at bottom left otherwise Very Fine, Very few of the Charleston provisionals extant are sound, 2014 SCV $ 850. $550.

$ 550


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1, Type E, ample margins, rich color, January 1862 circular datestamp, few thins, light horizontal crease, Very Fine appearance, used in January after the General Issues were readily available, Very few of the Charleston provisionals extant are sound, 2014 SCV $ 850. $500.

$ 500


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1, Type D, large margins showing three outer frame lines to just in at upper right, Nov. 19 circular datestamp, thin spot at top, Fine appearance, with 1972 CSA certificate, Very few of the Charleston provisionals extant are sound, 2014 SCV $ 850. $525.

$ 525


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue #16X1, Type L, large margins to just touched, rich color, showing faint second impression shifted approximately 6 mm, a kiss print, small corner creases and small thin spots, appears Very Fine, a fascinating stamp worthy of additional research, illustrated in the Calhoun book on p. 72, Scott does not list any printing varieties for this issue, Scott Catalogue Value as normal used stamp, Very few of the Charleston provisionals extant are sound, 2014 SCV $ 850+ $525.

$ 525


Memphis, Tenn. 2¢ blue #56X1, used, rebacked over faults, portions of design edge drawn in, Dietz signature on verso. SCV $1,250. $500.

$ 500


Memphis, Tenn., 5¢ red #56X2, tied on small piece of illuminated cover by town cds, SCV $250. $250.

$ 250


Memphis, Tenn., 5¢ red #56XU3, cut square from entire, tied by town cds, SCV $3,000 as full entire. $500.

$ 500


Nashville, Tenn. 5¢ brick red #61X3, used with blue town cancel, faulty, SCV $1,000. $550.

$ 550


Nashville, Tenn. 5¢ gray #61X4, used with blue town cancel, tiny tear at right edge, perfect margins, Extremely Fine appearance, THE GRAY SHADE OF NASHVILLE IS FAR RARER THAN THE OTHER NASHVILLE SHADES. SCV $1,500. $1,500.

$ 1,500


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown #62X3, used on small piece by straightline PAID cancel, SCV $200. $150.

$ 150


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown #62X3 pair, used with town postmark Jun 16, fresh, SCV $425. $350.

$ 350


New Orleans, La., 5¢ OCHRE #62X3b, used with PAID straightline cancel, small owner backstamp, Very Fine, Scarce shade! SCV $625. $600.

$ 600


New Orleans, La., 5¢ red brown #62X4, used with light town cds, Fine, SCV $200. $150.

$ 150


Memphis, Tenn. 2¢ dark blue #56X1, tied on piece with neat town postmark, slight wrinkling, Fine, 1983 PF certificate, SCV $1,250. Ex Brandon and Stanley. $900.

$ 900


Memphis, Tenn., 5¢ red #56X2 used with partial town cancel, scissor cut at upper right, SCV $250. $100.

$ 100


Mobile, Ala, 2¢ black #58X1, unused (no gum), 4 evenly balanced margins, fresh but for tiny rust color stains and no trace of a cancel, small thin, Very Fine appearance, SCV $2,250. $1,500.

$ 1,500


New Orleans, LA 5¢ yellow brown #62X5, unused, no gum, small paper inclusion at center, Very Fine SCV $160. $140.

$ 140


Memphis, Tenn., 2¢ dark blue #56X1 tied on small piece by town postmark, defective corner lower right (difficult to impossible to see – per 1985 PF certificate, Ex Gallagher, SCV $1,250. $450.

$ 450


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown on bluish #62X4 variety, vertical pair with FILLED IN FRAMES variety, tied on small piece by neat town postmark, signed Colby and faintly backstamped J. H. Stolow. $300.

$ 300


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown on bluish #62X4 pair boldly tied by 7 NOV New Orleans postmark on small piece. $350.

$ 350


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown #62X3 with ample to huge margins all around, tied by light town cancel on piece, Very Fine. SCV $200. $220.

$ 220


Mobile, Ala., 5¢ blue 56X2 used with neat Mobile, Ala, Nov. 22, 1861, double circle datestamp, SCV $450.  $250.

$ 250


New Orleans, La., 2¢ blue #62X1, used with PA[ID] cancel, Fine, SCV $800. $400.

$ 400


New Orleans, La., 2¢ blue #62X1, light town postmark, tiny scissor cut at lower left edge, Fine-Very Fine, SCV $800. $500.

$ 500


New Orleans, La., 2¢ blue #62X1, light town postmark, small thin otherwise Very Fine, SCV $800. $450.

$ 450


New Orleans, La., 2¢ red #62X2, used, small faults, Ex Pegram, SCV $1,000. $200.

$ 200


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue 16X1, used with town cancel, sound (most all are faulty). Nice example! $750.

$ 750


New Orleans, LA 5¢ yellow brown 62X5, used with light town cancel, SCV $250. $180.

$ 180


Nashville Tenn., 10¢ green #61X6, 3 ample to full margins, just into frameline at bottom, rich color, cancelled by Adams Express Company blue oval datestamp, couple tiny margin thins at top. Only about 25 are recorded with any cancel, most of which are faulty. This stamp paid the Confederate postage on a cover carried across the lines by Adams Express Company. Only three full express covers are recorded with the Nashville 10¢ adhesive provisional, all dated at Nashville on August 1. Ex Wishnietsky. $3,500.

$ 3,500


Mobile, Ala., 2¢ black #58X1, 4 margins plus upper sheet margin (bit of trivial pre-use creasing), tied by full strike of town cancel SEP 1, 1861, on large piece (6” x 3 ½”) which has the appearance of a cover front but is instead the address panel from a printed cotton price circular from Mobile addressed to Zac Critze Esq, Thompson Station, Williamson Co(unty), Tenn. Exceptional piece. Ex Crocker, sold as lot 840 in a Harmer, Rooke & Co. auction November 25, 1938, in Great Britain, lot page accompanies. Listed in both cover and stamp sections, due to size. It would plausibly fit into either a stamp or cover collection. See stamp closeup here. SCV $6,000 on cover, $1,200 used. $2,000.

$ 2,000


New Orleans, La., 5¢ brown #62X3, used with double strike of FACE-FREE postmarks, fresh, Very Fine, SCV $275. Ex Doug Baker. $300.

$ 300


Charleston, S.C., 5¢ dark blue 16X1 unused, faulty (as are most all), scarce, 2022 SCV $1,400. $1,100.

$ 1,100


Nashville, Tenn., 10¢ Green 61X6, deep rich color, canceled by blue "THE SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO. NASHVILLE" blue oval datestamp, Very Fine. THIS IS THE ONLY RECORDED 10¢ NASHVILLE CANCELED BY THE "SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO. NASHVILLE" OVAL DATESTAMP. While the handstamp is lightly struck, the letters "SOUT" are clearly visible below the rim of the cancel. The somewhat recently discovered 5¢ Carmine (61X2) on cover with "The Southern Express Co. Nashville" oval, sold in 2010 by Rumsey Auctions, is proof that this marking existed and was used on Nashville adhesive provisionals. Accompanying 2004 PF certificate declining opinion on the cancellation that was issued prior to the discovery of the full cancel on the 61X2 cover. 2010 CSA certificate confirming the Southern Express Co. marking. Neither certificate notes faults, although there is the tiniest 1 mm tear at right top. Only about 25 recorded copies, most of which are faulty. Ex “Argentum” (Dr. Graves), Pegram, and “Ambassador” (Middendorf). A beauty with great provenance. $4,000.

$ 4,000


New 5-31-22

Madison Court House Fla., 3¢ gold on bluish (3AX1) with large to huge margins, clear strike of Madison C.H. Flo. Feb. 21 (1861) CDS, deep thin and tiny pinhole; Extremely Fine appearance. Ex Judge Frederick A. Philbrick, Sir William Avery, Philipp von Ferrary, William L. Moody III, Henry and Raymond Lapham, John and Patricia Kaufmann, Dr. Deane R. Briggs, and David W. Gorham. CSA certificate 02903. One of the most attractive of the five recorded off-cover copies with stellar provenance. Two copies have pen cancels, the third is the CNETS error; the whereabouts of the fourth is unknown (a poor photocopy of it exists only in the Philatelic Foundation files, apparently submitted by the Weill brothers). This is the fifth example. SCV $20,000. $18,000.

The history of the Madison provisionals is a fascinating one that I have written and spoken about for decades. See the basic story of this revolutionary provisional on my websiteA thorough census and provenance article on them was done in September 2021 in the Civil War Philatelist. Both are on the Articles section of this site. Information on the Madison provisionals is also available as a Power Point presentation 

$ 18,000


New 7-22-22

Fredericksburg, Va., 26X1, 5¢ blue, with most original gum (most have no gum), small hole in an upper star, purple backstamp shows through plus other small faults, Very Fine appearance, SCV $750. $450.

$ 450

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