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US 3¢ star-die entire #U26 tied by Washington, DC May 1861 cds addressed to Winchester, Va with unlisted DUE 3 receiving handstamp of Winchester during independent state or  Confederate use of US stamps period - either way a total of only 45 days for both periods, Ex Marcus White.




SHREVEPORT LA. JAN 1861 double-circle datestamp without day slug tying U.S.12¢ black #36 on buff legal-size courthouse cover to Rusk Tex., docketed with Jan. 27, 1861 receipt date (received after secession but probably mailed from Louisiana before it seceded), reduced at left (also folded to reduce width for display purposes), some wear at bottom, otherwise Fine, scarce use of single 12¢ 1857. Louisiana was only an Independent State for 9 days, Ex Gunter. 



"West Fork P.O. Jany 28 /61" blue ms. postmark on folded letter to London, England, sender's notation "Paid" sufficed without any indication of rate, red "19" credit handstamp and no other markings, slight edge wear, Very Fine, rare transatlantic use during brief Louisiana Independent State period, Ex Gunter.



Paris to New Orleans, May 1861, folded letter with France 80c Napoleon tied by diamond of dots and "Paris 2e / 16 Mai 61" double-circle datestamp, red "Boston Paid 15 Jun. 1" credit datestamp, red "PD" and "Br Service" framed handstamps, "due 10" straightline handstamp applied at New Orleans for Confederate postage, this letter to the western CSA crossed the lines just prior to the June 7 discontinuance order, extensive erosion from writing ink (some pieces are breaking loose - needs restoration) - otherwise Fine, Extremely RARE, Ex Gunter.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire, size 3, knife 2, tied indistinct 1861 cancel that is either independent state or CSA Use of U.S. rate on cover addressed to “Honr Howell Cobb, Montgomery, Ala”. Howell Cobb served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress (1861-62) and thus this cover is a use while in that position in Montgomery before June 1, 1861. He was also a distinguished major general of the Confederate army. His personal history is well-known and illustrious.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire used with grid cancel and SAVANNAH  Ga ( prior owner says JAN but I really can’t so ascertain the month)  21, 1861. More likely U.S. used in the Confederacy. Addressed to “S. F. Dickinson Esq, Macon, Ga.” Georgia seceded from the Union on 19 JAN 1861, and joined the Confederacy on 4 FEB 1861, thus the period of independent use was only 16 days. Minor back flap opening tear otherwise Very Fine. 



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire with weak partial strike of MACON / Ga cancel. Addressed to “Master Andrew J. Cobb, Care of Mrs. Howell Cobb, Athens Georgia”; part of back flap missing and tiny edge faults. Howell Cobb served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress (1861-62) and a major general of the Confederate army. His personal history is well-known and illustrious. $140.


US  26, 3¢ dull red, tied by neat CARROLLTON / MISS // MAR / 2 / 1861 cds on pristine cover to “Carroll Hoy & Co., New Orleans” with manuscript instruction "S-B" (Steam Boat), Extremely Fine U.S. used in the Confederacy. $350.


New Orleans La. Feb. [24, 1861] partly readable circular datestamp with well-struck "Ship" handstamp and manuscript "5" rate on incoming blue folded letter from Belize, British Honduras, to New York City, sender's routing "via N. Orleans" in Confederate Louisiana, Feb. 28 receipt docketing, Very Fine, rare ship letter via Confederate New Orleans, from the Lanman & Kemp correspondence, ex Murphy and Walske, signed Brian Green. $1,200.



London E.C. MY 4 61 clear strike of circular datestamp and "19 Cents" debit handstamp on May 4 folded letter to James Thomas in Richmond Va., sender's ship designation in bright magenta manuscript "p. Europa via Queenstown", carried on the Cunarder Europa, departing Liverpool on May 4 and arriving in Boston on May 15, "Br. Packet Boston 15 May 24" 24-cent due datestamp, pencil "/" believed to indicate carrier fee for delivery in Richmond. Very fine. An important cover that passed from the United States to the Confederate States along the Washington-Richmond corridor just before this mail route was suspended by Federal order on May 23. On April 27, 1861, the regular water route to Richmond was suspended by the United States government, leaving only the Orange & Alexandria Railroad open for mail via Richmond. The last route through Virginia was suspended on the evening of May 23. This is the latest recorded example of mail that successfully crossed the U.S.-C.S.A. border via Richmond, probably on May 17, 1861. It is uncertain how the 24¢ postage due to the U.S. government was collected in Richmond.The letter itself, written by James Cameron of the British firm of John K. Gilliat & Co., discusses current events in the U.S., including references to "collision and bloodshed in Baltimore and at Harper's Ferry" and reflections on the state of Civil War and its impact on the commercial markets. The addressee, James Thomas, was a prominent tobacco merchant in Richmond during the antebellum and Civil War period. Ex Birkinbine and Walske.  $3,000.



US 26, 3¢ dull red, tied by neat CARROLTON / MISS // MAR / 2 / 1861 cds on pristine cover to “Carroll Hoy & Co., New Orleans” with manuscript instruction "S-B" (Steam Boat), Extremely Fine US Postage Used in the Confederacy. $350.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied gorgeous bold strike of BOYDTON / Va. // MAY / 7 [1861], FIRST DAY of Virginia in the Confederacya period of only 25 days. Slightly reduced at left, Extremely Fine. Ex Thayer.  $2,200.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching SAVANNAH Ga. // FEB / 5 [1861] cds with docketing of Feb 4 1861 – the First Day of the Confederacy on cover addressed to Mrs Isabella Woodruff Care Mrs. Roberts Orphan House, Charleston, South Carolina. Bit reduced at top with tiny edge tear. $500.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied grid with matching ATHENS / Ga. // FEB / 9 [1861] cds, addressed to “C.G.W. Cumming, Warthans Store, Ga.”, flap faults otherwise Fine CSA use of US postage.  $160.



US 3¢ Star-die U27 entire tied blue CASSVILLE / Ga. / / MAR / 27 [1861] to Col. J.A.R. Hanks, Dalton, Geo., top back flap faults otherwise Very Fine CSA use of US postage  The Hanks correspondence is well known. Col. Hanks was Asst. Quartermaster in the 22nd Georgia Infantry Regiment.  $180.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied SAVANNAH Ga. // APR / 2 / 1861 cds to Macon, Very Fine CSA Use of US postage.   $200.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied SAVANNAH Ga. // MAR / 18 / 1861 cds to New York, Very Fine CSA use of US postage.   $200.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied SAVANNAH Ga. // APR / 9 / 1861 cds to S. F. Dickinson, Esq., Macon, Ga., Very Fine CSA Use of US postage.  $200.


US U26, 3¢ star-die entire tied neat TALMAGE / GA / / MAR / 7 [1861] cds, addressed to “Mrs. J. P. Welch, Calamutcha, Miss”, tear at top and flap faults otherwise very nice CSA Use of US postage, Ex Agre. $170.

US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied WARRENTON / GEO. // FEB / 21 [1861] to Ellerton, Ga., flap faults otherwise Fine CSA Use of US postage. $175.


US U26, 3¢ star-die entire tied neat OXFORD / MISS // JAN / 9 [1861] double circle cancel, First Day of Mississippi Independent State which only lasted 26 days. Addressed to “Miss Kitty Shields, Knoxville, Tenn.” Nice FDC. $2,300.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied grid with matching STAUNTON / Va. // MAY / 9 / 1861 cds, Very Fine CSA Use of US postage – a period of only 25 days.  $220.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied SAVANNAH Ga. // MAR / 8 / 1861 cds and grid on folded letter to A E Gowdy Esq, Scitua, Conn. from E. J. Gowdy, a couple of “bites” out of letter, most evident at upper right. Letter mostly business from one brother to another complaining about the high cost of shipping gin from Georgia to New York. The last line is rather telling of what is about to come, “there is not much doing in cotton, they are waiting to see what Mr. Lincoln is going to do.” Full transcription included. $170.



US 30A, 5¢ brown Type II vertical strip of three tied NEW ORLEANS / LA 1861 cds on blue folded letter in lovely French script headed Nouvelle Orleans 20 Mars, 1861 and addressed to Gironde, France, various colorful transit markings front and back, some hinge reinforced file folds but Very Fine and scarce Confederate trans-Atlantic use, ex Myers. $2,000.



US 26, 3¢ dull red just tied blue grid with matching blue PORTSMOUTH / VA / APR / 17 / 1861 double circle cancel on pristine cover to  E Wood Esquire, Edenton, N.C. This is the day Virginia seceded from the Union, thus a FIRST DAY Cover – a period of only 20 days. A lovely and rare use. Ex Birkinbine and Kaplan. $2,800.



US 26, 3¢ dull red top sheet margin copy tied blue NORFOLK / Va. // MAY / ? / 1861 cds on cover to Miss Bell Johnston, Tuskegee, Ala, reduced at left. Cancel day date difficult to determine; it is either Independent State (only 20 days) or CSA Use (25 days) – either way a very short period of time and thus scarce. $200.



US 30A, 5¢ brown type II tied NEW ORLEANS / LA. // ? MAR / [1861] CDS on light blue folded business letter written in Spanish to Barcelona, Spain with red NEW YORK / BR. PKT. APR. 2 [1861] datestamp, bold "8.Rs." due handstamp; backstamped with London Apr. 16, 1861 transit and Spanish receiving datestamps; some cover wear and central file fold, Fine and attractive cover with the U.S. stamp paying the British Open Mail rate to Spain from Confederate Louisiana. $1,500.



US 30A, 5¢ brown, type II tied NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 21 / MAR / [1861] vertical strip of three, scissors-separated perfs leaving portions of stamps at top and bottom but cut into at sides, on blue 1861 folded letter in French  to Gironde, France, red New York Paid 3 Apr. 6 [1861] credit datestamp, various transits, faint horizontal file fold well clear of stamps,blue double-oval advertising handstamp of commission merchants and importers F'do de Fuentes, Scarce use from Confederate New Orleans, ex George E. Hargest and Blake Myers. $1,800.



NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 15 / MAY [1861] CDS and"30" rate handstamp on cover to Monsieur Hypolite Picquet, Caen, France with New York 6 May 22 debit datestamp, red French transit datestamp and "16" decimes due handstamp, Very Fine, scarce transatlantic use from Confederate New Orleans, with 2002 CSA certificate #04185. $1,900.



Incoming Trans-Atlantic use to Independent State of Georgia 3 Jan 1861 (stamps removed). Belleville France to Augusta Georgia carried on Cunard Lines “Asia” to New York. The correct French and US stamps could potentially restore this to original looking use. Ex Berkinshaw-Smith.  $150.



US 26, 3¢ dull red used during the Independent States period, tied by RICHMOND / VA. //  APR /23 / 1861 cds on blue folded cover to J. D. Davidson,  Lexington, Va.; vertical file fold at left, Very Fine,  Virginia was only independent for 20 days. Ex Thayer. $300.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire used during the Independent States period, tied by neat blue grid with matching neat blue LEXINGTON / Va. // APR / 27 [1861] cds  to Miss Sallie F. Lyle, Timber Ridge, Rockbridge County, Va.; Virginia only independent for 20 days. Couple tiny edge tears, stellar markings.  $325.



US U26, 3¢ star-die entire used during the Independent States period, tied RICHMOND/ VA. //  APR /22 / 1861 cds, addressed to Dr. Charles C. Cocke, Bremo Bluff, Fluvanna Cty, Va.; Virginia only independent for 20 days. Small neat envelope, Ex Thayer, signed Brian Green. $330.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied blue COLUMBIA /  S.C. // MAY / 3 / [1861] blue cds on cover to Miss Lizzie N. Craig, Lawrenceville, Georgia., a lovely Confederate States use. $170.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied by blue grid and matching PETERSBURG / Va. // 3cts / MAY / 26 [1861] addressed to Mr. John E. Meade Care of Capt. Dodson, Petersburg Rifle Company, 4th Regiment, Norfolk [Va]. Ex Hunter M. Thomas, Jr. and John Hill. The Virginia Confederate use of U.S. postage period was only about 3 weeks. $325.


John E. Meade was 20 years old when he enlisted at Petersburg as a Private in Co. E 4th Virginia Battalion Infantry. He was transferred 3-19-62 toCo. E 12th Virginia Infantry and died of disease 12-31-62. The Stonewall Brigade was formed by General T. J. Jackson at Harper’s Ferry, April 27, 1861, from the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 27th, and 33rd Va regiments and the Rockbirdge Artillery. They were originally referred to as Virginia’s First Brigade but at First Manassas the General and the brigade received their famous nicknames.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied neat grid with matching CAMDEN / S.C. // MAR / 9 double circle cancel on neat narrow cover to L. M. Blackford, Staunton, Virginia with contents docketing “Jno Johnson”. CSA use of US postage. Ex John Hill.  $200.


Lancelot Minor Blackford enlisted in the Virginia Rockbridge 1st Light Artillery on 9-2-61 and was later promoted to 24th VA Infantry Field & Staff as adjutant. He was a graduate of UVA and post-war was principal for the Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.



US U26, 3¢ star-die tied grid cancel with matching neat DONALDSONVILLE / La. // MAY / 31 [1861] cds – LAST DAY of U.S. postage before the Confederacy took over the postal system on June 1, 1861. A key date to any comprehensive Confederate exhibit. Docketing John J. Drake, Esq., June 1st 1861, Manchac, La. – particularly nice that it has both May 31 and June 1 dates on the same cover, addressed to James H. Ventress, Jr. Manchac; top back flap missing. Manchac was an obscure small post office in East Baton Rouge Parish. The addressee, James A. Ventress Jr (1834-1872), was a wealthy planter and large slave holder. He was later Captain and then Major of the 11th Louisiana Infantry, a unit organized in July 1861 several months after this cover was posted. The 11th La Inf was captured at Island No. 10 in April 1862 and was not reorganized after the exchange.  $850.



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US U26, 3¢ star-die entire used with blue grid and PETERSBURG Va. // 3 cts // MAY / 26 [1861] U.S. rated cds, addressed to Mr. Samuel Ford, Hicksford, Greenville, Va.; flap restoration / sealed tears extending slightly over top, Virginia joined the Confederacy on May 7 so had less than a month for scarce CSA Use of U.S. Postage. CCV $250.  $170.



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US 26, 3¢ dull red vertical strip of 3 tied by multiple grids on refolded and rebacked legal cover with matching CLINTON / LA // FEB / 27 / 1861 cds addressed to the Clerk 6th Dist Court East Baton Rouge La. with contents docketing at left “Deposition of Franklin Hardesty & G. W., Munday” as well as “Filed Jun 10, 1862. H. Skipwith Week (19). Confederate Use of US Postage. Scarce triple rate.  $400.




US 3¢ Nesbitt entire tied with bold strike of FARMVILLE / VA. // APR / 29 / 1861 cds, addressed to Messr J. A. Lancaster & Son, Richmond, Va., fresh, light horizontal file fold otherwise Very Fine Independent State Use, Ex Thayer. $350.



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied with blue NORFOLK / Va. // APR / 24 / 1861 cds addressed to Thos. W. Thompson at Hotel, N.C., blind embossed "Kader Biggs & Co. General Commission Merchant, Norfolk, Va." corner card, slightly reduced at top and small part of flap missing, Extremely Fine and scarce advertising cover on Independent State Use, Ex Thayer and Warren. $450. Listed in both Independent Use, Section 1, and Advertising



US U27, 3¢ star-die entire tied with grid and matching neat CHARLOTTE C.H. / Va. // MAY / 14 [1861] cds which some may declare as brown but I believe is black ink that has disintegrated to brown appearance, addressed to H. G. Jeffress, Esq., Red Oak Grove, Charlotte, Va.; Very Fine CSA Use of US Postage.  $300.




US 26, 3¢ dull red used with pen cancel and matching ms. “Hague Va, May 11 / 61” postmark on cover to “Wilbur F. Davis Esq,  Care Rev J. H. Davis, Mechum's River Depot P.O., Albemarle County, Virginia; docketed at left "1861 Mar 8 R.B.D."; Very Fine CSA Use of US Postage. Ex Thayer. $260.




US 26, 3¢ dull red tied bold CULPEPER C.H. / Va. // APR / 17 / 1861 on neat cover to nurseryman Franklin Davis, Staunton, Va., FIRST DAY COVER – VIRGINIA DAY OF SECESSION – small part of top back flap missing otherwise Extremely Fine. Only five recorded Virginia secession day covers. $2,500.



US 26a, type IIa, 3¢ red (frame-line ends at bottom and can’t tell at top as perfs cut design – could be #26 as well, if bottom row) tied bold RICHMOND / Va.  // MAY / 17 / 1861 cds on cover to “Lieut George M. Morgan, Emmet Guards Louisiana Volunteers, Norfolk, Va.” Emmet Guards was the name of Company D of the 1st Louisiana Infantry, which was organized in New Orleans on 28 April 1861. They saw action in the Seven Day’s Battle, Battle of Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness and other famous battles. A lovely Confederate Use of U.S. stamps. $300.



US 35, 10¢ green tied by NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 28 / FEB [1861] cds on folded prices current with long handwritten note by C. Sieg in “Spanglish” to Mr. R. Sieg, care of Messrs Hellberg & Co, HAVANA, CUBA, "NA1" in oval due marking, blue double oval of Charles A. Sieg / New Orleans, sender's ship directive "pr. General Miramon", Havana 1 Mar [18]61 backstamp, stamp with small perf flaws, Very Fine Confederate Use of US Postage from Confederate New Orleans to Cuba. Rare. $1,500. 



US 38, 30¢ orange tied by NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 16 / MAR [1861] cds on cover to “Monsieur Jules Riean a Viella Gers. France” red "Boston Paid 24 Mar. 23" credit datestamp, "Et. Unis Serv. Br. A.C. 6 Avril 61" transit datestamp, boxed "P.D." handstamp, transit and receiving backstamps, some wear and slight soiling, long pencil guarantee, description and signature of Stanley B. Ashbrook, Very Fine Confederate New Orleans use of the US 30¢ stamp on a double-rate cover to France. SCV and CCV $5,000. $4,000.


US 30A, 5¢ brown type II strip of 3 (parts of adjacent stamps at bottom) tied by NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 26 / MAR [1861] cds on COVER TO FRANCE to “Monsieur ?? (partially covered by stamps) Jean Larade Proprietair Estampures, Canton de Cruies, Department Des Hautes-Pyrenees, France“; red "New York Paid 12 Apr. 2" credit datestamp, boxed "P.D." handstamp, transit and receiving backstamps, slight overall soiling and small perf faults; SCV and CCV $1,000 for use of single on cover; strip of 3 not cataloged. Rare and desirable Confederate New Orleans use to France.  $2,000. 


US U27, 3¢ star-die entire  tied with grid, red BOSTON / MASS // MAY / 28 [1861] double-circle datestamp, addressed to F. C. Veree, Care Gardner Smith Esq, New Orleans; Very Fine and late North to South use, the day before this was sent Postmaster General Blair ordered the suspension of mail service in the seceded states, effective May 31. The Washington D.C.-Richmond mail route had already been discontinued; this presumably went by rail via Louisville and Nashville.  $650. 



US 26, 3¢ dull red, two singles tied grids with matching postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 2 / 1861 on pristine cover to Jacob Manle Esq, Colerain, Ohio. Very Fine INDEPENDENT STATE USE double rate with to ms.”1 mo.8.1860” to left of address. $475.



US 26, 3¢ dull red (lower right corner missing from placement at edge), tied grid with matching postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C.  // JAN / 31 / 1861 on clean cover to Andrew Giraud, Esq 88 Dey Street, New York with photocopy of enclosure (original not included) datelined "Charleston Republic of So. Ca., Jan. 30, 1861", contents including "Mr. Buchanan I believe intends to blockade the port" and "Fire on the Star & Stripes. Yes my darling put hell to them constantly and in 36 hours from this date Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens will show that glorious Palmetto the emblem of Patriotism.", cover slightly reduced at right, Fine.  $350.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // FEB / 2 / 1861 double circle datestamp on outer folded lettersheet to Tobias Hendricks Co., New York with red Mordecai & Co. Charleston company handstamp on back flap. Very Fine Independent State Use. Displays beautifully with flap open. $750.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching dc postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAR / 1 / 1861 on cover to Mrs. Miriam F. Kennard, 6th between I & K Streets, South Boston, Mass. with Boston carrier backstamp dated March 5; left flap detached for display.Unusual and scarce Confederate States Use of US Postage. $325.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching dc postmark of CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 2 / 1861 on outer folded lettersheet to Messrs. Tobias Hendricks Co, New York, Very Fine Confederate State Use of US Postage. Ex Finney and Calhoun. $300.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 18 / 1861 cds on neat small blue cover to J. Edwards Clark, Care Robt Rush & Clark No 215 Pearl Street, New York; part back flap missing, nice black monogram-stamped seal. Confederate States Use of US Postage. $350.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 31 / 1861 cds on cover to Mrs. Pettigrew, Scuppernong, NC; trivial edge wear, stamp slightly affected by cover bend from contents, flap tear, Very Fine, Scarce and key date - LAST DAY OF CONFEDERATE STATES USE OF US POSTAGE. $550.



US 26, 3¢ dull red tied grid with matching CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 24 / 1861 dcdson cover to D. C. Calhoun, Esq, Abbeville, SC docketed as sent from Charleston Mercury (newspaper) - INDEPENDENT STATE USE, Ex DuBose $200.



US U26, 3¢ star-die entire tied grid with matching bold CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 10 / 1861 cds on cover to P H. Villipique, Camden, SC; file fold across top third through bottom of star-die and cds, CONFEDERATE STATES USE OF US POSTAGE. $120.



CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 31 / 1861 bold strike of circular datestamp with matching "FREE" straightline handstamp on cover addressed to the John Glymph, P.M. [Postmaster] Glymphville, S.C., sent by Charleston postmaster Alfred Huger; missing tiny part of top flap, Very Fine CONFEDERATE STATES USE ON THE DAY U.S. POST OFFICE OPERATIONS IN THE SOUTH WERE TERMINATED and the day before the Confederate postal system was inaugurated, this is the ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE of the Charleston handstamped "FREE" marking used in the Confederacy.  $1,700.



ROCK HILL / S.C. // APR / 11 [1861] bold cds used on 3¢ red star-die entire #U27 addressed to A. B. Springs Esq, Charleston. S.C. and FORWARDED with neat CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 21 [1861] to York [ville], S.C., red crayon "For 3" forwarded rating from Charleston; also with a DUE 2 from YORKVILLE, S.C. (listed in the CSA Catalog), probably for advertising, Very Fine. Also with what appears to be Charleston grid cancel on back flap (opening tear but folds up nicely to display) and what is likely a second smaller ROCK HILL SC double circle at center.Andrew Baxter Springs was a well-known politician in S.C. , a signer of the Ordinance of Secession in December 1860. RARE and with as many questions as answers – perfect for the intrigued researcher. Interesting speculative analysis from Richard Calhoun included. $1,650.



US 38, 30¢ Orange with vibrant color, tied by grid used with matching CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 1 / 1861 dcds on tissue-thin cover to Mrs. Charles A. Pringle, Frau Professor Becmann, 14 Finks Strasse, Berlin, Prussia, red N. YORK AM. PKT / 7 PAID / JAN 5 credit datestamp, red framed AACHEN FRANCO datestamp, receiving backstamp, few flaws including stamp with piece out at left and cover wear with repaired tear, still Fine and rare INDEPENDENT STATE USE, reported to be ONE OF ONLY TWO EXAMPLES OF THE 30¢ STAMP USED FROM CHARLESTON IN 1861. The Pringle family was Southern slave-holding aristocracy.[GERMANY] SCV $5,000. $2,500.


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FRANCE TO NEW ORLEANS, JAN. 1861. Folded letter from Paris to New Orleans with France 80c Napoleon tied by diamond of dots, "Paris 6e / 5 Janv. 61" double-circle datestamp, red "New York Paid 15 Jan. 3" (error date, should be Jan. 23) credit datestamp, red "PD" in frame and "12" handstamps, ultramarine "Am. Service" framed handstamp, Havre backstamp (Jan. 6), Fine, datestamped in New York on Jan. 23 and arrived in New Orleans (addressed to Monsieur Joseph Girod) after secession (probably Feb. 1.) The Joseph Girod Papers, (1816-1899) are in the Louisiana State University Libraries. Ex Howard Green, Rex Felton. $950.


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