Items for Sale - Thomas Jefferson, 10¢ Blue Lithograph


CSA 2-P, 4-margin 10¢ blue Paterson tied on small piece by large showy CANTON, MISS. grid, trivial bit of scuffing in bottom left margin otherwise Extremely Fine

$ 220


CSA 2-Ye, 10¢ milky blue Stone Y used on piece with scarce AUSTIN / TEX cds, Very Fine, contemporary ms note "Postmaster General Reagan" (maybe some early collector thought Jefferson was Reagan?), 2005 CSA certificate,  SCV $450.

$ 475


CSA 2-Ye, 10¢ milky blue Stone Y tied Richmond, Va. cds on small piece

$ 425


CSA 2-P, 10¢ blue Paterson right sheet margin block of four, original gum, heavy hinge remnant at top supporting sealed tear at upper left, creased across bottom pair, ink splats on UR stamp, Scarce and Attractive, SCV $1,750, CCV $2,500.  $950.

$ 950


CSA 2-H, 10¢ Hoyer & Ludwig block of four, over 50% original gum, small faults, great margins, quite scarce as a multiple, looks better in person than in scan, SCV $2,900, CCV $3,500.  $1,200.

$ 1,200


CSA 2-Pa, 10¢ light blue Paterson printing with 4 large margins, small gum soak at bottom right, faintest of creases at upper left, tied on piece by double strike of blue LYNCHBURG / Va. cds, Stunning. $250

$ 250


CSA 2-P, 10¢ blue Paterson, tied on piece by blue RALEIGH / N.C. // OCT / 17 double circle pmk, 4 ample to huge margins, Very Fine  $200.

$ 200


CSA 2-Y, 10¢ milky blue Stone Y, tied on small piece by partial VICKSBURG / MISS double circle postmark, small stain at upper right, SCV $325.  $250.

$ 250


CSA 2-Hb, 10¢ dark blue, block of four, large to huge margins, full original gum, hinge remnant on top stamps only, some gum soaks and and small faults, Very Fine appearance, SCV $2,000, CCV $2,500. $850.

$ 850


CSA-2-P, 10¢ blue, Paterson, used with N & C.R.R. APR 1863 railroad cancel, tiny thins at right corners, Very Fine appearance, quite scarce, CCV $1,000 on cover with common stamp, which this is not, SCV $530. $450.

$ 450


CSA 2-Hb, 10¢ dark blue Hoyer & Ludwig printing, unused block of 4, upper left stamp has a few transient printing varieties, thins in top pairs, crease between horizontal pairs, top pair hinged and bottom pair very lightly hinged, Ex A. Earl Weatherly, CCV $3,500. $1,000.

$ 1,000


CSA 2-H variety (Scott 2b), 10¢ dark blue, Hoyer & Ludwig printing tied on piece by MIDDLEBURG / Va. cds, transient flaw in T of TEN, SCV $300 without regard to variety. $250.

$ 250


CSA 2-Y, 10¢ light milky blue, ample to large margins, used, Fine, SCV $325, Ex Wishnietsky. $300.

$ 300


CSA 2-Hb, 10¢ dark blue, Hoyer & Ludwig, positions 34-37/44-47 from the transfer stone of 50, bottom sheet margin block of 8 with full "Lith. of Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond, Va." imprint, original gum, ample to large margins other sides, two vertical creases and a couple of small thin spots which just break the paper. VERY RARE BLOCK OF EIGHT WITH FULL HOYER & LUDWIG IMPRINT. Ex Kilbourne. Unpriced in Scott or CSA Catalogs as an imprint block. Scott value as two blocks of four with no premium for the imprint is $5,500. $3,750.

$ 3,750


CSA 2-HLb, 10¢ dark blue left sheet margin, used with light TUDOR HALL [Va.] CDS, Very Fine-Superb, SCV $275. $400.

$ 400


New 7-22-22

CSA 2-b Paterson, 10¢ dark blue lower right sheet margin pair, positions 99-100 with small faults, tied by neat GRIFFIN / GA // AUG / 16 CDS on piece, Ex Crouch. $550. 

$ 550

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