Items for Sale - Jefferson Davis, 10¢ "Frame Line" Intaglio



In lot descriptions:
SCV = Scott Catalogue Value
CCV = 2012 CSA Catalog Value

CSA Catalog vs. Scott Color Designation Chart

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CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line tied on piece by light RUTHERFORDTON / N.C. cds, most of full frames at left and bottom with trace of a third at right top, cut into at right. $1,900.



CSA 10, 10¢ Frame Line with 2 ½ frames, used with neat MOBILE / ALA // MAY / 23 double circle datestamp, thins/faults, Very Fine appearance. $2,000.



CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line, 2 full frames at right and bottom, UNUSED, large thin at top, regummed, lightest stains, SCV $5,750. $3,250.

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